Design Sprint Workshop

Learn the keys of the Google Ventures method

You have heard about Design Sprints

or have read Jake Knapp's book "Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days".

Now you are wondering how you can do a successful Design Sprint yourself because you feel uncomfortable to facilitate it without prior practice. The Design Sprint Master workshop can equip you with the best practices needed.

trendig technology services GmbH offers a course in which, in just two days, you will learn all about the Google Ventures method and get the tools and experience to run a Design Sprint without problems and with optimum results.

You may book a seat in the workshop individually or take part together with your whole team. It's your choice!


Practical and interactive

In just two days, the training comprises the 5 phases of the Design Sprint and shows you the fastest way to find solutions, create prototypes and test them with customers. All this step by step and in a 100% practical and interactive way.



The workshop is designed to present the information in the most enjoyable and simple way possible. Because what is fun is better understood...



We believe that learning by doing is the best way forward. Therefore, during the workshop we will provide you with a practical innovation case study on which to work, and from which you will learn the best way to do a Design Sprint.


Examples of prototypes

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some of the prototypes that have been developed with the help of the Design Sprint Framework.

Examples of prototypes

Your trainers

Jana Noack

Jana is the innovation coach and managing director at trendig. For Jana, design sprints are the ideal combination of structure and creativity to achieve new results in a time-saving and targeted manner. She has coached various companies on their digital transformation.


José Díaz

José is the chief strategic thinker and managing director at trendig. For some years now, José has particularly dedicated himself to advising companies on their journey to digitisation and innovation management with the aid of design sprints and design thinking.


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