We show you how to face your challenge in only 4 days

Does your company need to solve a problem

or validate an idea by testing it together with real customers?

Would you like to get a result as fast as possible? That’s easy, you only have to carry out a Design Sprint.

trendig technology services equips you and your team with experienced facilitators to help you achieve your goals in just four days. And it's also possible to have additional knowledgeable professionals to complement your team, such as UX designers or developers.

A room with large blackboards, a Time Timer, the appropriate stationery and healthy snacks will be further allies for you and your team to achieve your goals: knowing the roadmap to follow after developing a prototype and testing it with customers.


Phases of a Design Sprint



Choose a long-term goal and identify the risk areas of your challenge. Rely on the advice of the experts. Design the Customer Journey Map and sketch some solutions.



It's time to decide on solution designs. Define the Storyboard.



Create a prototype that looks as real as possible. Have a trial run and prepare the interviews with the customer testers.



Test the prototype with potential customers and collect their feedback.

Your facilitators

Jana Noack

Jana is the innovation coach and managing director at trendig. For Jana, design sprints are the ideal combination of structure and creativity to achieve new results in a time-saving and targeted manner. She has coached various companies on their digital transformation.


José Díaz

José is the chief strategic thinker and managing director at trendig. For some years now, José has particularly dedicated himself to advising companies on their journey to digitisation and innovation management with the aid of design sprints and design thinking.


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